Daisy Hill Aussies - Miniature & Toy Australian Shepherds in New Jersey
Welcome to Daisy Hill Aussies!!!
Watch for Rosi & Swagger's last litter  on Animal Planet on a show called "Too Cute Puppies"!  It really is TOO CUTE!  They keep running re-runs so check your cable listings!
Here is a photo from the filming!
********NEWS FLASH!!!*********
Willow and River's pups have arrived!!  Born late Monday March 26th.  See their puppy page for photos!
Rosi & Swagger had an adorable litter on April 6th!  See their puppy page for details!
Darla is now retired and looking for her forever home!  See the "Adults Available" page for details on this little cute patoot!
Everyone make sure to pick up the 2012 Dog Fancy Desk Calendar to see little Coda (Midget and Romeo's kid!) who makes an appearance in April! Congrats Robin!!
Daisy Hill Aussies is now on Facebook! And check out our mobile app at m.daisyhillaussies.com (you can check out everything going on at Daisy Hill right from your smartphone!)
Daisy Hill Aussies was started because of the love of this great breed.  There were no local breeders that we could find and we think EVERYONE should have a little aussie family member.  Our goal is to produce toy and mini aussies that look so much like full size aussies that you can not tell the difference by looking at their picture (unless you see them next to a full size aussie).  And, we want to improve the breed by producing healthy, well adjusted, sweet, beautiful dogs.
How we got our name...
As children of the 70's we grew up watching our FAVORITE dog, Snoopy!  Snoopy came from the "Daisy Hill Puppy Farm".  Well, we don't have a puppy farm, but we knew we had to call it Daisy Hill in honor of our childhood favorite!